Why Ethical?

Back To The Planet is an ethical video production company specialising in environmental and social issues.

We work with our clients to produce films that tell captivating stories.

Stories of real people doing amazing things. Protecting the rainforest. Enthusing kids with a love of the outdoors. Rebuilding lives shattered by ill health and abuse.

If you have a story to tell, speak to us. Whether it’s an hour of video or just a minute that you need, we’ll give it our full attention and creative input.

We promise to make a big impression, but leave small footprints.



Why Ethical?

Are you inspired?


Hear how Inspire Sport offers young players, of all standards, the opportunity to train and play in the world’s top professional clubs.

Why Ethical?

Where there’s a swill, there’s a way!

What’s the Pig Idea?! Find out what this campaign hopes to achieve and hear why Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Sara Cox are excited to be Hambassadors.

Why Ethical?

Cracking film Gromit!


This summer 80 5ft Gromits were unleashed in Bristol to raise money for Wallace and Gromits Grand Appeal.

Find out how a 2nd year student from UWE found her design featured alongside iconic designers like Sir Paul Smith, Cath Kidston and the illustrator Quentin Blake.

Why Ethical?

Are you IN?!


The 2012 Olympics showed how inspiring sport can be.


Hear how International Inspiration continues to use the power of sport, increasing the life chances for young people, females and marginalised groups around the world.

Why Ethical?

Busy seas

From fish and chips and surfing to lively ports and off shore power our coast is getting busier.


The MMO have their work cut out to plan all these activities, so how do they do it, and most importantly how can you get involved?

Why Ethical?

The Himalayas, Alps and…Wales!


Find out how a Welsh Cooperative is not only regenerating the community, but making an impact amongst the biggest names in the world of mountain biking.

Why Ethical?

The world is changing.


Are you connected? Making the most of ICT and the internet can help small businesses compete with big companies. Communities 2.0 explains how!

Why Ethical?

What is land for?


With more and more people living in a limited space, we need to make smarter decisions about how we use the environment.

Find out how the Westcountry Rivers Trust is taking on this challenge.

Why Ethical?

Predicting the future.


From weather forecasts to policy making, models shape our lives. But, because of uncertainties, we could be given the wrong advice.

Find out how the latest research is helping us to understand problems such as biodiversity loss and climate change.

Why work with Back To The Planet?

With experience in corporate and broadcast production, Back To The Planet offers a personal and highly professional service.

Communication is key. Our access to an unrivalled network of some of world’s greatest documentary film-makers and digital media professionals guarantees we can deliver you a great production.

Our understanding of the power of video combined with strong values that drive our approach ensures a product that not only fulfils your needs but also minimises any detrimental environmental effects.